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CIA Conference aka CIACON Motive of CIA Conference

CIA Conference ( CIACON )  aims to fill the gap between corporate security researchers and the fancy world of hacking. It is a Global Conference where international leaders, policymakers, industry experts, think tanks, cyber wizards etc gather to deliberate on issues and challenges for optimally using cyber space, Forensic, Cyber Crime, cyber Terrorism, Malware, web application, networking, IoT & IT related laws.

We thrives to provide the best knowledge as well as brief insight of Cyber Space to its delegates. The rise of digital infrastructure needs the security like Carnot Engine, which is not possible. Therefore this conference will bring prominent leaders from Govt organisations, Pvt Organisations and experts from all across the Globe

Curated List Our Conglomeration


Get the wonderful opportunity to connect with the domain experts.

Trainings & Workshops

Strengthen your security skills and learn from the world class trainers.

World Class CTF

Experience for the first time ever, the computer simulator CTF.

Research Arsenals

Witness the live hacking & vulnerabilities by the top security researchers.


Encounter the most out of the security stuff. Be it hardware or software.


Opportunities for Corporates to showcase their product & services.

Curated List Our Prestigious Speakers

Heath Adams

Founder & CEO, TCM Security

Georgia Weidman

Founder, Bulb Security & Shevirah

Nitin Bhatnagar

Associate Director, PCI SSC

Rakshit Tandon

Cyber Security Expert, IMAI

Kayne McGladrey

CISSP, cybersecurity strategist at Ascent

Marina Ciavatta

Founder, Hekate Inc

Filipi Pires

Research and CyberSecurity Manager, ZUP Innovation

Daniel W. Dieterle

Computer Security Author, Military & Robotics

Vinícius Vieira

Cyber Security Researcher, Pentester & Professor

Amy Storer

Intelligence Analyst, US Homeland Security

Ted Harrington

Author, Executive Partner at ISE


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